Friday, January 14, 2011

Lincoln's Birthday Play Date

For our Friday play date we had a little birthday party for Lincoln.  This year has really flown by, I can't believe he is 1 already.

It was really just a regular play date but with party favors and "Jen's Cakes" cupcakes.  The cupcakes are always a hit with the well as the adults.  :o)  I am so lucky to have such a talented sister.   

I decided to go with a sports theme since this little boy of mine LOVES balls.  Any kind really, even if it is a cat toy...Yup, carried one around for a whole week.  "Ball" may have been his first word and if not it was definately one of his firsts.

He LOVED his cupcake.  Can you tell?

1 comment:

Britney said...

I can't believe he's one! He's such a cutie!

And those cupcakes look awesome!