Monday, January 31, 2011

A fun filled Monday

I thought that it may be fun to do Payton's nails today.  We have done it before and she absolutely loved it!  Today was no different than the last time.  She had a blast!  Her cousin, Caeden, also got her nails done too.

The whole time I was doing her nails she was instructing me on how to do it and what nail I needed to paint next.  I love to see her so excited.  

In my experience painting little girls nails, the toe nails are easy peasy.  The finger nails however are a whole different story.  It actually isn't so much the act of painting them but the act of keeping Payton from using her hands for a few minutes.  Ha! Ha!

After all nails were dry we decided it would be fun to meet our friend, Alison, and her little boy, Cooper, at the park and have a little picnic.  I tried to get pictures of all the kids playing together, but I was not successful...Once we got into the gated area they went in all directions.  Ah well, at least they had fun.

Jen and I noticed that the whole time we were at the park none of the kids fought or argued, they all played so nicely.  It was wonderful!  I think having so many if us crammed into our house can be a little stressful at times.  Always sharing everything and being in each others faces seems to be a little trying at times for our little ones.  I guess we will have to get out a little more often.

Oh, and I don't want to forget that Lincoln went down the slide by himself for the first time today.  I tried to get it on video but wasn't successful at that either.  Oh well, at least I got a picture of his smiling face after going down the slide.

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