Saturday, November 19, 2011

Craft Night

Two craft groups in one week!  Nice!

Even better, I actually completed a project at this craft night.  This has got to be some kind of record.  I have completed a project at the last two craft groups that I have gone to.  :o)

Jessica and I signed up to make "paint stick ornaments" at my ward's Souper Saturday.  Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to work on them that day.  Normally that would mean that I would take the materials with the intent on working on it later.  Then about a year later I would find the materials stuffed in the corner of the closet, think "I am going to finish that." and then put it back in the closet until I have a minute to work on them.  Repeat.  Ha!  Ha!

This time there was a group of us that hadn't had a chance to finish or work on this particular project so we decided to work on it at craft group.  We all got them done!  Yay us!  Here are a couple of mine.  :o)

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