Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hand Soap

We have motion sensored hand soap dispensers in our bathrooms.  Payton calls them magic soap makers...  Anyway, Lincoln and his little friend Cailin discovered they could reach the dispenser early in the day while I was babysitting.  Ha! Ha!  Lincoln ended up with soap in his eye and Cailin put some in her hair.  Fun times!  Later on this evening, after Payton and Lincoln had taken their baths, I walked past the bathroom and heard Lincoln saying, "Wash hair?"  I stopped, took a few steps back, and peeked into the bathroom.  This is when I discovered Lincoln had taken a handful of magic soap and rubbed it into his hair.  Yikes!  That was fun to clean up.  :o)

It was such a beautiful day so Jessie, Tess, and I decided to go to Happy Hollow for the afternoon.  So much fun!  This is such a great place to take the kiddos and with the season pass I really don't feel bad if we are only there for a couple of hours.  Hey, at least I am using the pass.  :o)

One of Payton and Lincoln's favorite parts of the park is this huge play ground/structure area.  They could stay in this area all day.  I love this picture of Lincoln.  He is talking to Cailin through a little hole in the log he is sitting in.  So cute!

The kids were boths exhausted when we left and fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I love it when they play themselves into exhaustion.

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Jessie said...

So sorry my kids are such a bad influence! Haha. Thanks for coming with us, that was such a nice trip. We should do it again sometime, for sure. :)