Friday, November 25, 2011

Hike to the Meadow

We quickly found that the best way to keep the kids from climbing the walls was to get them outside to run and play.  There is a great meadow behind the cabin that we walk to every time we go to the cabin.  It isn't so far that the kids can't make it but far enough for them to burn all their energy.  Ha!  Ha!

We were at a point in the day that the kiddos were getting restless so we decided it was the perfect time to head to the meadow.

The kids were so cute.  Throwing snowballs at grandma and grandpa.  Playing baseball with sticks and snowballs.  Climbing hills.

At one point Ethan climbed this little hill and said he was the king. Then Payton climbed up and said she was the queen.  Then Lincoln climbed up and Payton told him the he could be the prince to which he responded, "No, I'm the king!!!!"  Ha!  Ha!  They are so funny.

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