Saturday, November 5, 2011


Lincoln can do puzzles! 

When did this happen?

We have these puzzles that Payton used to love.  They are made out of wood and you basically just match the picture and the shape and put it in the spot.  The last time I tried to do them with him he just wasn't interested.

Today I decided to pull them out again.  I gave him a puzzle and walked away for a minute and when I came back he had all the pieces put in all the right spots!  He is a genius!  Ha! Ha!

While finishing the last puzzle I had walked out of the room again and when I came back he was standing by Bongo holding the puzzle board and then had all the pieces layed out accross Bongo.  He was talking to Bongo like he was telling him what was on the puzzle. It was so cute!

Bongo is so patient.  Ha!  Ha!

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