Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Payton's Dance Recital

Payton has been going to a dance class at the Southside Community Center by our house and today was the last day of class and a little recital to show the parents all that the kids learned during the class.

It was just a small recital and mostly it was just the parents that attended.  However, Miss Payton had quite the crowd with Dave and I and both sets of grandparents.  Ha!  Ha!

It was so fun to watch them show off all that they had learned.  I think we all had a smile on our face the entire time.

The class taught the girls tap, jazz, and ballet.  So they had a ballet dance and a tap dance to show us along with all the fundamentals they learned.  You can click on the highlighted text to see a video of the dances.

So proud of our little girl!

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