Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A is for Archery

In an effort to keep my kiddos busy this summer I am trying to come up with some fun learning activities.  One of my ideas is to think of activities for each letter of the alphabet.  I haven't thought this all the way through the alphabet yet but hey, knowing me I will make it to "c" and then run out of steam.  Haha!

A was for archery.  I finally finished making their PVC pipe bows.  Those things shoot fast and far, definitely only to be used with parental supervision.  But we all had fun.

And no the helmets were not a requirement.  They found them and just HAD to wear them.  So funny.

Lincoln did take a video of me shooting the bow and arrow but unfortunately only got a video of my backside.  Umm, I am not posting that one.  Haha!

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