Friday, June 7, 2013

First Day of No School

It is summer vacation!  I can't believe it.  What are we going to do with ourselves?
Today was a pretty great day.  The kids got to wake up when they were ready and they all seemed to be a in good mood. While I was fixing breakfast, the kids kept themselves busy with a little target practice.  They started out with just the dart guns and before I knew it Spiderman joined us with his web slingers.  They seemed to have a lot of fun and even let me play.  :o)
Payton got a Barbie Game as a belated birthday gift yesterday and was so excited to play it.  With very little persuasion Spiderman (Lincoln) was ready to play as well.  Goal of the game was to collect four different charms for your bracelet and return to your home space.  Both were very excited to wear their bracelets.

Off to the circle pool!  Payton and Lincoln's cousins Ethan and Grace are in town visiting and they are having such a great time playing with each other.  I am so glad they love playing with each other, I remember loving to visit and play with my cousins. 
We love this little pool, it is so great.  It is usually quite calm and the kids love how deep or should I say how shallow it is.  We were here for about 2 hours!  They will sleep well tonight!

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