Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Diving Board

Today was the last day of swimming lessons.  The kids have both done so well and really neither of them cried at all.  Yay!  While they didn't pass to the next level, they have become a lot more comfortable in the water, which is AWESOME!

For a special treat, at the end of the lesson the teachers asked the kids if they wanted to jump off the board.  I didn't think either of my kiddos would ever do it and I had already decided that that was something I would never force them to do.  After all, whether or not they go off the diving board does not affect how well they swim across the pool.  Well, when they asked Lincoln he marched right up there.  I don't think he knew what he was getting into.  Haha!  Poor kid went off the board anyway, with a little help.  He may have been terrified to do it but he bragged about it for the rest of the day.  So cute!  Watch Lincoln jump off the diving board here.

After swimming lessons we came home to host our Gilroy play group.  We set out all the baby pools and water table so the water fun could continue.  The kids had a great time.  We set the slide in the pool so when you slide down you end in a big splash.  The kids have really had fun with it this summer.

Today we got happy mail!  We ordered an activity table for Austin, he is to a point where he is trying to pull himself up and we thought we would give him something to do while he is standing.  :o)  I set it up as soon and it came and I am happy to say he LOVED it.  He was so cute !  See Austin standing at his activity table here.

Another fun thing that happened today was that Austin ate pizza for the first time.  Yes, I am a wonderful mother.  Haha!  We picked up Little Caesar's Pizza for dinner on the way to Dave's soccer game.  After I took a bite of my first piece Austin decided he wanted to try it and took it right out of my hand.  He ended up eating about half the piece!


Love these guys!

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