Saturday, June 22, 2013


Our favorite place to spend the day has been the club pool.  Payton and Lincoln have been taking swimming lessons there so we have been there everyday.  Today Dave got to go with us and the kids showed him all that they have been learning.  Austin loves being in the pool too. 

Somehow Payton has four swim cover ups or swim robes and poor Lincoln has only one from last year and it is way too small.  I had no idea he grew so much over the past year, the sleeves go to his elbows.  Anyway, I told him a while ago that I would make him a swim robe if we couldn't find one we liked.  Never found one we liked and so I set to work on the Superman Swim Robe as requested.

I am really impressed with myself,  I threaded and used my serger for the first time...and it worked!  Made my own pattern.  Broke a few needles.  And finished it all in one day.  Haha!

Lincoln loves it but wishes the Superman symbol was on the front so he could see it.  So he put it on backwards.  I wish I got a picture of him.

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