Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Busy Day

Today was a crazy busy day.  We started by taking finally Payton to the Dermatologist.  She has had a muluscum rash since February.  Originally our pediatrician said not to worry about it, because she only had a few warts but she has gotten a lot more and they are not getting better. 

I love the dermatologist, she was great.  Payton even liked her.  The dermatologist described muluscum as a virus on the skin that the body builds up an immunity to.  I guess it is kind of like chicken pox.  After talking to one of the parents of the kids in her class I found out that several of the kids had it during school around the time Payton first got it.  Unfortunately, Payton has not yet started to build an immunity to it so the dermatologist has prescribed a cream that will help her to develop to immunity so the rash will go away.  We are all excited to see if it works.

After our doctor appointment we headed over to have a playdate at Dorie's house, one of Payton's friends.  We had so much fun.  I thought we were just going over to play in the sprinklers but they had so much more planned. 

A wonderful lunch, sandwiches, homemade soup, snacks.  It was delicious. 

Sharon, Dorie's mom, also planned to has the kids decorate T-shirts with puffy paint.  I love how creative the kids are.  Although, I will say that standing next to a 2 year old using puffy paint can be dangerous and to only stand close at your own risk.  Haha!  Paint goes everywhere.

For dessert, they planned ice cream sundaes.  So good!

After the playdate, we came home to prepare for Papa Ralph's birthday dinner.  It is so nice being close to family so that we can celebrate together so often.

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