Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prepring for the Road Trip

Today was spent preparing for our 12 hour road trip to Iowa.  Caeden and Maddix went to school and the rest of use ran errands so that we would have all that we needed for the trip, like snacks.  :o)

The kids did really well being shuttled all over the place, but we had hoped to spend a little more time letting them run around and play.

We went to a wonderful restaurant called Wholley Strambolli (not sure how to spell it).  It was delicious.  The food was seriously so good. 

When we sat down they gave all the kids packs of sticky sticks.  I had never seen them before but the kids had a blast molding them into different shapes.  I thought, what a great change from the usually crayons.  That was until Payton somehow got two of them stuck in her hair.  Oh well.

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