Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flying to Colorado

Today starts our journey to Colorado, with a final destination of Iowa.  This is going to be quite the adventure.

Mommy is flying by herself with three kids.  Yikes!  This is really only a big deal for me because I am a very nervous flier.  Fortunately, so far, it seems the kids have taken after Dave and show no anxiety when it comes to flying.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't change on this trip.

The flight was alright.  The kids were pretty good, thank goodness for electronic devices.  I am convinced that Denver is THE WORST airport to fly into if you are a nervous flier.  You know it is going to be bad when the captain comes on and says, "I have asked the flight attendants to pick up the cabin early and get to there seats as it is going to get bumpy.  So the rest of you buckle up and hold on."  Oh wonderful...

We were all excited to see Jen, Andy, the kids, and even Anthony stopped by to say hi. 

Before bed Jennifer set up a little activity for the kids.  I personally thought she was crazy.  Painting on the walls?!?!  She said, "Eh, it's washable right?"  The kids had a blast.  Maybe I need loosen up and let them do this in our house...nah, I will just let them do this at her house.  :O)

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