Friday, August 22, 2014

Road Trip!

Road Trip!!!

It is no secret that my sister and I are horrible drivers when we are tired.  So it was understandable why Dave, Andy, and other family members were concerned about us making the drive.  However, I think we did great!

The original plan was for us to take turns driving while the other was napping but no one ever napped, except for the occasional child.  Haha!

We decided to put the girls in the very back despite Caeden's tendency to get carsick because they were the lowest maintenance.  This was probably the best decision.  Caeden never got car sick and they pretty much got in the car and disappeared.  They were content visiting with each other, watching movies, and eating.  The boys on the other hand were very high maintenance.  "I am hungry.  My Nook isn't working. So and so took my... etc."  They were really good it was just that the passenger was turned around half the time.

Pit Stop!

Dave had to say, "Hey, you should take a picture of Lincoln by a sign that says Lincoln." in response to one of our text updates letting everyone know where we were.

Well, we finally found one that wasn't on the freeway but saw it as we were passing the exit.  So we turned around to get the picture.  I am not exaggerating when I say that as soon as my sister opened the door to get out it started to down pour.  They were both soaked when they got back in the car.  And if you hadn't already called it, it stopped raining as soon as they got back in.  Haha!

We were on the home stretch.  Almost there.  Then just like that the road the GPS had us taking closed.  Detour.  Well this detour was going to add another 30 minutes to our drive time.  So we decided to check out an alternate route to get us back on course.

Yup, we did.  We took the road.  Haha!  And our adventure continues. Fortunately we made it safe and sound to our destination.  A and G's pizza.  So nice to finally be there.

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