Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today it was just Payton, Lincoln, and I at the house.  Jen went to work, Caeden went to daycare, and Maddix went with Jen.  All in all it was very quiet around these parts.  :o)

I thought it would be fun to make a yummy treat with Payton.  Last night while I was getting ready for bed I was thinking about making the same peanut clusters that my grandmother makes and then thought, "Hey there is no reason why I couldn't use the same chocolate and add marshmellows and graham crackers to make little s'more bites."  It was a great little activity to do with Payton.  They are quick, easy, and best of all it doesn't really matter what they look like when you are done.  :o)  I melted the chocolate and Payton crushed and added the graham crackers and added the marshmellows.  Then we took turns stiring.  They were a hit with Payton and Lincoln! 

After we started making the s'more bites I wondered why in the heck I was tempting myself with goodies like this.  I am doing so good on Jillian's "Making the Cut" program.  I have lost 8 pounds so far!  Yay.  At least I am seeing some results, that makes it a little easier to stick with it.

So we have been asking everyone that comes to our house, what the heck do you think we should do with our atrium.  What about a catatarium?  :o)  What is a catatarium?  Well, it is like an aquarium but for cats.  LOL  The weather was so nice today that I just opened the door to the atrium and let the cats wander in and out as they pleased.  Dave and I are trying to think of things we could put out there that the cats would enjoy but that would not enable them to escape, like a cat tower.  They LOVE being outside!

Dave and I needed to run by the mall tonight to look for a gift and decided just to go out to eat while we were there.  Since Payton insisted on having a grilled cheese sandwhich we decided to go to Cheesecake Factory because that was the only place I knew that made them.  Well, my brother-in-law, Anthony, and Caeden ended up meeting us there for dinner.  The kids were a little crazy but still were really good.  It was so funny though, the hostess kept trying to sit the table right next to us and time after time the people would glance over at us and ask if they had a booth open.  Six couples refused the table.  Ha!  Ha!

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