Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Happy Hollow Request

Yesterday Payton asked if we could go to Happy Hollow today.  I opened my mouth to say no but paused...thought...and said, "Why not?  Sure."

Evidently, that made her whole day because she waited up until Dave got home from his softball game to tell him about it.

It ended up just being me and the kids that went and surprisingly it went really well.  No real fights and both Lincoln and Payton were happy the whole time. 

We found this cute little cabin at the park that had a picnic table in it and the kids decided that was the place they wanted to have lunch.  It was a little chilly in the shade so I opted for a bench in the sun.  It was so cute, they both kept popping out of the cabin to make sure I was OK and not too hot in the sun. 
 After lunch we followed the park employees to the rides that were open and going.  Always a favorite was the Mini Putt Putt ride.  Poor Lincoln must be just a hair under 36" which is the height requirement for some of the rides.  It is so confusing for him because some employees will let him ride the ride and others will not.  So he was a little bummed when the lady said he couldn't ride on the swings with Payton.

Lincoln turned out to be quite the adventurous little man today.  He was all over the big jungle gym.  All by himself.  He even went down the big slides!  I told both of the kids that if they were going to go up there they would have to do it by themselves and that I couldn't go up there with them.  I was doing my best at keeping an eye on both Payton and Lincoln when Lincoln found a little friend named, Savy.  I think that may have given Lincoln the courage he needed because I turned around and he was going down the big slide. 

They both had so much fun!  And both took naps this afternoon!

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