Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Sixth Anniversary

I can not believe that Dave and I have been married for six years.  It really doesn't seem like it has been that long.

I feel extremely lucky to have Dave in my life.  He is wonderful and full of all those qualities one would look for in a husband.  Kind and loving, patient and understanding, handsome and funny.  How he puts up with me and all my quirks I will never know.

He is an awesome father too.  Payton and Lincoln absolutely love him to pieces.  Everyday when he gets home and walks through the door, the kids get huge smiles on their faces, run up to him yelling, "Daddy!", and give him the biggest hugs.  I know he has to be exhausted from working all day and then commuting home but to look at him you would never know it.  He walks in and does everything he can with Payton and Lincoln until it is time for them to go to bed.

Dave, thank you for making these last six years so wonderful and for loving me so completely.

I love you!

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