Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Backyard Pool

We bought a little splash pool for our backyard.  OK, so it didn't turn out being sooo little, it is 8 feet across and 18 inches deep.  I filled it up this morning with the intention of letting the sun warm up the water during the first part of the day.  Immediately, I regretted my decision to purchase a wading pool that big. 

One, it took about 45 minutes to fill it up, who would want to fill it up just to drain it again.  And two, I am terrified that the kids will fall in or drown in it.  I have made the kids sware that they will not go outside without me and if they do I will drain the pool and never fill it up again.  Then I took all the patio furniture and set up a blockade all the way around it.

I thought it was supposed to be warm outside today and invited Ethan and Grace over to swim in the pool after naps.  Little did I know that someone decided to turn on the outdoor AC.  Brrrr!

Payton and Lincoln were so excited to try out the new pool that the weather did little to dissuade them from getting in.  I would say that they were little Popsicles as soon as they stepped foot in the pool.  They were real troopers for about 15 minutes and then decided they had had enough.

Warming themselves in the sun.

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