Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Preschool Fieldtrip

Today we went to Emma Prusch Farm with Payton's preschool class. Payton has been so excited about going.  She has been telling me all about the animals she has been learning about in school and asking if we would see them at the farm.

Payton was raring to go from the start but Lincoln was a little nervous around the chickens and geese and wouldn't leave my side.  But soon he was running along side the other kids. 

Payton was being such a good sister, there were a couple of times that I looked over and Payton had her arm around Lincoln showing him an animal or showing him how to feed the animals, etc.  So cute!

I am so excited for Lincoln to start school.  I know it isn't for a while but he is so fun to watch when he is playing with other boys and not terrorizing the girls...his sister.

I think all the kids had fun not just looking at the animals but running around being kids.

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