Friday, May 27, 2011

Emma Prusch Farm for a Gilroy Playdate

This week was my week to plan the "Gilroy" Play date and I thought it would be fun to go Emma Prusch Farm.  Payton, Lincoln, and I had a blast there this past week.  Why not go again.  :o)

My Sister-In-Law, Jen, was in town with her two kiddos for Steven's graduation and Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  I took her son Ethan knowing he would have a ton more fun looking at animals than helping set up and plan the weekends events.  :)

Well, we pull into the parking lot and are getting all the kids unloaded and into strollers when Payton trips on the curb and skins her knee...That unfortunately was game over for Payton for the whole time we were at the park.  She never left the stroller the whole day even ate lunch in it.  Whatever!

Lincoln had a ball running around.  He found a puddle and went to town jumping in it.  It was cracking me up to watch him.  He jumped, stomped, and kicked in the puddle anything to splash the water.  By the time he was done his pants were soaked.  Of course, that was aided by the fact that when he was done he started to run and slipped and fell in the puddle.  Ha!  Ha! 

The begining part of the day was spent looking at all the animals.  Aimee even told them a little bit about some of the animals.  After we looked through the barn and the small animal area we headed over to the playground area picked out a great spot in the shade for a picnic and play time.

I had my first taste of having three kids at this point.  Payton would not get out of the stroller, Lincoln wanted to eat, and Ethan wanted to play on the playground.  If it is possible for your eyes to move in two different directions at the same time, I think I did it.  Ha! Ha!

About two o'clock everyone started packing up and heading home.  I had to make a quick stop by Jen's kitchen to pick up the cupcakes for Steven's Court of Honor before heading back.  Jennifer not only gave me the cupcakes but gave the kids little bowls of cake scraps to sample as we headed back home.  They were very concerned that I was not eating any cake and Ethan offered to share his with me.  It was so cute, I turned around and he had a few crumbs pinched between his little fingers and was handing them to me. 

I love pictures of kids with cake all over their face.  Poor Lincoln missed out on the cake scraps, he was so tuckered out.

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