Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Planted a Garden!

I have been wanting to plant a garden for many years now.  I have always had great excuses don't know how, no room, no time, it's too late to plant, etc...  This year I just decided to do it and I would learn from my mistakes.  I had a square foot gardening book as my guide, made a list of what i wanted to plant, grabbed the kids, and headed out to the store.

Before we left I asked Payton if she would like to plant a garden with me and she got super excited.  Instead of vegetables though she wanted to plant flowers.  Ha!  Ha!  So I promised her that she could pick out the flowers for our garden.

When we got home and went right out to the backyard and started working.  The kids really needed little convincing.  Payton was very excited to use her new princess shovel, gloves, and kneeling mat. And Lincoln...well he was all about the water.  He was totally drenched by the time we were done.

I was really surprised at how long they stayed interested.  They even came back out after their naps and picked up right were they left off.

So we have three pepper plants (red, golden, and green), two tomato plants, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, and two different kinds of lettuce.  I hope I don't kill the whole crop.

I always kind of laughed when filling out activity/fitness questionnaires and they listed gardening as an activity.  Isn't it just pulling weeds?  Ummm,  I was so sore the next day.  After using a pick axe and a shovel to break up dirt and roots all day, yikes!  Hopefully one day soon I will get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  :o)

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