Saturday, May 21, 2011

Run! Steven! Run!

Uncle Steven's 4 X 4 track team made it to the CCS semi-finals.  We thought Payton and Lincoln would have fun watching their Uncle run so made the trip down to Gilroy to see him run.

We got there a little early as to not miss them run.  While we were waiting we watched several events including the 2 mile.  It is amazing to watch these kids run.  The girls were running 2 miles in under 12 minutes and the boys were running it in under 11 minutes.  They made it look easy.  The fastest I have ever ran 1 mile was 8 minutes and I couldn't have kept that pace for another mile.  Geez...

It was so awesome to watch Steven in his element.  His team ran really well and they made it to finals!  I think Lincoln thinks we are all insane. When Steven was running we were all cheering for him...loudy.  Ha!  Ha!  Lincoln just looked at all of us with the "you are crazy" look.

Congrats Steven!

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