Saturday, May 28, 2011

Steven's Graduation

A beautiful day for graduation!

The word was to show up early to get good seats.  Very early...  So we grabbed doughnuts, bagels, fruit, juice, and water and were on the road by 7:30 in the morning.  Yikes! 

We got great seat down on the field.  Ate breakfast.  Relaxed.

There was plenty of time and space for the kids to run prior to the ceremony.  I think Ethan ran a mile!  No exaggeration he went four times around the track.

I have no idea how many students were graduating but it must have been like two thousand.  Ha!  Ha!  My graduating class was maybe 80 people.  The ceremony was a lot longer than mine that is for sure.  I will say that the lady reading the names kept things moving right along.  I think Dave said she read a name every 5 seconds regardless if people were making a bunch of noise or not.

I love it when the graduates throw there caps in the air.  We were forbidden to do it when I graduated.  I think they were afraid someone would get their eyes poked out.

I love this picture of Steven walking out.  Head held high.  Confident.  Awesome.  Congratulations Steven!

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