Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emma Prusch Farm

Our friend Sara let us, or should I say the Bernal Ward Playgroup, know that the preschool her son goes to was going on a field trip to Emma Prusch Farm and invited us all to come along.

We had so much fun!  Payton and Lincoln loved all the animals...from a distance.  Ha!  Ha!  We went into a "small animal" area that had chickens, ducks, geese, etc.  Payton and Lincoln were not sure about the geese and didn't want to go into the area.  I told them just to walk on the other side of the stroller so that it would be between them and the geese.  That worked perfectly until Payton and Lincoln separated.  The geese zeroed in on poor little Lincoln.  I saw it all in slow motion as I was walking towards him.  Lincoln looks at the geese with a very concerned look and starts walking away from them sideways while at the same time maintaining eye contact with them.  The geese follow him.  He trips.  The one goose gets closer and nips at his pant leg.  Lincoln cries.  I really don't care for geese either, they can be so mean.  I can just imagine how scary it would be if the goose was bigger than you. 

Besides the animals and the way fun playground area, Payton and Lincoln also enjoyed these tractors that they could climb on and pretend to drive.  

What a fun day!

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