Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother/Daughter Luncheon

I am so mad at myself for forgetting my camera...

Today my mom, Payton, Caeden, and I drove to Atwater to visit my grandmother and attend a Mother/Daughter Luncheon put on by her church.  Payton and Caeden were so excited!

They had lunch and a little program put together.  A very cute lady sang a couple of songs about mothers and then a few of the ladies got up and shared memories about their mothers.  It was a very nice event.  And it was so fun to meet some of my grandmother's friends too.

Afterwards we went to my grandmother's house, visited, and watched to girls play.  They loved running around out in her backyard.  She had one ball to play with and we put it to good use playing keep away and just running trying to catch the person with the ball.  Lots of laughing going on with those little girls.

The funniest part of the day happened as we were leaving to come home.  A long time ago my mother and grandmother took me to Utah, I can't remember what exactly we were going for other than checking out BYU.  Anyway, we had snacks packed for the trip and we finished them before we got out of Atwater.  Well, Payton and Caeden beat us.  They finished their snack cups before we got out of the driveway...

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