Friday, May 27, 2011

Steven's Court of Honor and CCS Finals

I am sad to say that for some reason I do not have any pictures of either of these two events.  I know we had cameras there...Oh well.

Steven's Court of Honor had to be moved up an hour so that he could make it to CCS Finals immediately following.  We all felt a little rushed I think.  The kids basically woke up from their naps and were put straight into the car to head over to the church.  We packed a dinner for them that they could eat picnic style in the back of the room.  Everything started off great, the program started on time and the kids were eating their dinner relatively quietly.  Then they called all of the Eagle Scouts to come to the front and sit in the "Eagles Nest" which left me in the back with all of the kids.  I don't know what happened, peacefulness soon turned to chaos and I ended up carrying Lincoln and dragging Payton out of the building.

As soon as we stepped outside the door I told Payton to go ahead and throw her tantrum.  Be as loud as you want to be.  Throw yourself on the ground.  Kick. Scream.  Go ahead.  Then I turned around so that I wouldn't be tempted to say anything else.  Any Love and Logic parents out there?  Ha!  Ha!Well,  a short while later I happen to look out over the parking lot and there is a van full of the ladies in our ward, meeting to go on a girls night out.  I have to admit, I was a tinsy bit embarrassed as they drove by and waved to me.  Let's just say I hadn't been as calm as those Love and Logic books encourage you to be...I was embarrassed by the way the kids were acting inside and I was frustrated when I brought them out.  As my friends were driving by, Payton was standing in the lawn of the church yelling and crying and as soon as they drove off she stopped, wiped her face, walked back over to me with a smile, and said she was ready to go back in.

We made it back in in time to watch the slide show that Michelle and Ralph had put together.  It was nicely done, I loved seeing all the pictures and so did the kids.  Unfortunately, Steven had to leave in the middle of the slide show to make it down to his race.  And as soon as the Court of Honor was over all the family jumped into cars and headed on down to watch him and his team race.

It was cold!  I am so glad that Michelle was prepared with like 5 fleece jackets and two or three blankets in the back of the suburban.  We all would have frozen our little keesters off.

Steven's team ran well.  It was so exciting to see them run.  They did not qualify for State but did move up a place and got 6th!  Afterwards, we found out the Steven had pulled his hamstring during his lap. Ouch!

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