Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bikes - Day 2

The kids asked if they could go out and ride their bikes again today.  Sure!  So glad they are excited about riding them. 

Lincoln looked a lot more comfortable on his bike today.  He is still trying to figure out pedaling but was doing a great job.

Payton is really doing well.  Since getting the bigger bike she really has figured out pedaling and now just needs to figure out the balancing part.  Haha!

They were so fun to watch.  It reminded me of when my sister and I would ride our bikes from our driveway to our neighbors driveway and back again.  Fun times.  I really need to take them to the church parking lot or something so that they don't need to worry about falling off the sidewalk or the dips of all the driveways.

Lincoln did take a couple of spills today.  He was a good sport about them though.  I wish I would have caught his facial expression when he fell in the grass.  He started crying and then realized that was probably the best place to bail and started laughing.

One of the other times he fell, the handle bars turned and the placard cut his face.  None of us realized he had gotten cut until he tried to take his helmet off and felt a little flap of skin.  Then of course the tears started and it hurt really really bad.  Haha!  I thought the booboo was from the strap of his helmet but when Dave was looking at the pictures and heard me tell how he fell he put two and two together and immediately went out and took the Avengers placard off the bike.  I am hoping Lincoln won't notice.

All and all it was a good day.

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