Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rainbow Loom and Water Fun

Lincoln has been dying to use the Rainbow Loom that Payton got for her birthday.  Unfortunately, for him, Payton has been using it almost constantly since she got it. 

This morning we had a little time before Lincoln had to go to school so I decided to pull it out and give him a chance to use it.  He did really well and only got frustrated a couple of times when the bands popped off the loom.  Haha!  I would get frustrated too.  Anyway, instead of keeping his first creation he decided to give it to one of his best buds, Cailin.  So sweet.

After school on Thursdays there is a standing play date at the park behind Payton's school.  We are hardly ever to make it for one reason or another but today we stayed and I am so glad we did.  One of the dads brought some water entertainment.  Buckets for water, cups, funnels, and a rocket launcher used to shoot geysers of water.  The kids LOVED it.

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