Friday, May 2, 2014


Tomorrow is Payton's Birthday Party and I hired these two to clean the patio furniture for the party.  I filled their water table with water, gave them some scrub brushes, and let them go.  I was decorating for the party and a few minutes later turned to see this...Yikes!  And yes, I grabbed my phone to take a picture before telling them to get down.

Austin struck again.  I walked into Payton's room to find her coloring in a coloring book and him coloring on her dolls (her American Girl Doll and Baby Bow).  All I Could say was, "What?"  "Why?"  Payton started crying.  I took the dolls, told Payton to pick up all her markers, and walked out of the room.  A few minutes later while I was trying to get the marker off Payton came out to make sure I knew that the marker was washable.  Haha!

I am so grateful for washable markers and baby wipes.  The baby wipes took the marker right off.  Whew.

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