Saturday, May 3, 2014

Payton's Mermaid Party

Today was Payton's long awaited Mermaid Birthday Party.

Mermaid skirts for all the girls and party bags to put them in. Check!

My mom and I spent many an hour making these little beauties.  I couldn't have done it with out her help.  She basically cut everything then handed it over to me to sew.  There was glitter EVERYWHERE.  Haha!  I will admit that seeing the girl's excitement as they found out they got to KEEP them and watching them all run around in them made all the work worth it.

Under the Sea decorations. Check!

My friend, Aimee, helped with the decorations for girl's camp last year, the theme was "Just Keep Swimming" from Finding Nemo.  When she found out that Payton wanted to have a Mermaid Party she offered to let me borrow the decorations.  SWEET!

My other friend, Jessica, threw an Under the Sea party for her daughter a few years back and graciously let me borrow some of her decorations as well.  Double SWEET!

Gathering up these decorations made me remember how Dave and I had planned to decorate our room and bathroom in a beach theme.  When we were down in San Clemente a few years ago we bought a bunch of sea shells, coral, and even brought back a bunch of sand.  Unfortunately, all of it is still in a box in our bedroom and not decorating anything...except Payton's party.  Haha!

Everything seemed to come together perfectly.

Payton wanted to play some old school party games, which we tried to give Under the Sea names.  There was Shark Attack (basically hot potato with a balloon), Fish Fish Mermaid (Duck Duck Goose), and Musical Chairs (I ran out of creativity.  Haha!).

My friend Jessie and I found and idea on Pinterest that I was so grateful for.  The idea was to have a treasure chest full of little prizes so when a person got "out" they got to go pick a prize from the chest.  It worked out wonderfully, no one was upset when they got out.  In fact, I think some of the girls tried to get out.  :o)

Under the Sea Crafts.  Starfish headbands and/or hair clips.  Fish and/or sea shell sand art necklaces.

Payton came up with the headband idea all on her own.  Fortunately, someone on Pinterest also had the idea so I had a little help in bringing her idea to life.  :o) 

Found the little sand art necklaces on Oriental Trading Company.  Note to self, do not let the Little Mermaids jump on the trampoline with these little necklaces on and full of sand.  Getting one to the face is not pleasant...

Lunch.  Peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches, sand dollar crackers and shark teeth cheese, fishy crackers, fruit of the sea, ocean potion, and sea water.

The "Sweet Grotto".

The mermaids.

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