Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pizzas and Bracelets

Caeden and Maddix flew into town with their daddy yesterday and Grandma brought them over to visit today.

My mom had the fun idea of making mini pizzas for lunch.  The kids LOVED it.  They got to smoosh their own dough and put the toppings they wanted on it.  I was surprised when Maddix chose to only put marinara sauce on his pizzas, what about the cheese isn't it the best part?  Haha!

After eating lunch we ran to pick up Payton from school.  Having Caeden and Maddix with us was a surprise.  It was so cute to watch them all run up to each other and give big hugs.  Payton was so excited that she HAD to go and introduce them to her teacher.  It made my mom cry.  Hehe!

When we got home, Payton was excited to show Caeden how to make a bracelet on her Rainbow Loom.  I think Caeden enjoyed learning how to make the first one but her interest faded as they did a second and a third.  Haha! 

I think Payton just likes to create things.  Give her pretty much anything and she will make something with it.

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