Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  No School!  Our plans included going shopping for bikes for the kids and a  Family BBQ.

The kids were so funny when picking out their bikes.  Payton rode a Tinker Bell bike all over the bike section of Toys R Us had the slip for it and everything.  Wanted that bike and never even tried any of the others.  But as we started for the front of the store she changed her mind and picked a Hello Kitty bike.

Lincoln on the other hand was the most indecisive child I have ever seen.  He must have sat on each bike...twice.  He finally decided on one bike "The Rattlesnake".  The floor model was the very last one.  Then we found out it was on clearance, 50% off!  Sweet.  However, as we started to the front we noticed that the breaks were sticking and ended up being broken.  Dave though we could just take the broken break off since the bike had coaster breaks too, to which the department supervisor offered an additional 25% off the bike.  I am thinking great!  But the more Dave looked at it and the more we had him pedal it around the more we realized there was a lot more wrong with the bike than we thought.  Boo!  "Lincoln, you are going to have to pick a different bike..."  He finally decided on an Avengers bike.  Hurray!  I hope we actually get them out on the bikes so they learn how to ride.

We opted to assemble the bikes at home so that the kids could have them to ride the same day.  Little did I know Dave had plans to have the grandpas assemble the bikes.  Haha!  I am glad they didn't mind putting them together and the kids had fun helping.

We tried to get a little tricycle for Austin but he showed absolutely no interest.  So we passed.  Now that we are home and Payton and Lincoln are out on the bikes he is whistling a different tune.  Fortunately, we still have Lincoln's little strider bike.  It is pacifying him for the time being.

After the BBQ and after everyone went home.  Dave went out to finish putting the woodchips in our flowerbed.  The sprinklers came on.  The kids have been waiting to run through the sprinklers for a while now but with all the water conservation we haven't done it.  So for the few minutes the sprinklers were on to water the grass the kids were taking advantage.  Great ending for a fun day.

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