Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bernal Ward Halloween Party

Tonight was our ward Halloween Party.

We had a slight mishap about 45 minutes before we left for the party.  I was making the soup to take to the party and Payton starts yelling at me from what I thought was her bedroom.  I was in the middle of making the soup and couldn't (or should I say shouldn't) just leave it at the point I was at.  I was little little annoyed because Lincoln was taking his nap and that is what Payton was supposed to be doing.  Grrr.  Anyway, I hollered back to Payton that I couldn't hear her and that she needed to come to me and talk to me.  It was a flashback to that TV show that I am not sure is even still on where the mom is yelling, "Stop yelling, you're going to wake the baby!"  Ha! Ha!  Anyway, she comes out with her dress pulled up and her panties and leggings around her ankles...she had been yelling to me from the bathroom...she didn't make it...she peed in her costume...I was not happy.  Fortunately, our washing machine has a "speed wash" that only takes 30 minutes compared to the normal 90 minutes cycles.  I was barely able to get her costume washed and dried before the party.

The party was great!  My parents, my grandma and her friend Bob, and my sister and her family all came with us.  Lots of games and activities.  Eating doughnuts from a string, bean bag toss, dart throwing, face painting, bowling for pumpkins, a pumpkin walk, and pumpkin decorating.

No dice on the doughnut game.  Neither Payton or Lincoln wanted to do it. 

The bean bag toss was a hit and they were doubly excited when they found out they got a prize for participating.  :o) 

Dart throwing was a toss up, Payton was interested in throwing the darts to pop the balloons but Lincoln was not.  In fact, all Lincoln wanted was a balloon.  Walked right up to the board, snatched a balloon, and wouldn't let it go. At least he knows what he wants.

Face painting. Uh no.  They wouldn't even go up to the table.  Ha!  Ha!

Bowling for Ghosts.  They were all for it.  No one else was in the room at the time and this was a game they were familiar with.  :o)  Again, Payton with her aim...It makes me laugh.

Pumpkin Walk/Pumpkin Decorating.  BIG HIT.  Lincoln just loves those little pumpkins.  They are just his size.  And both of them LOVE stickers.  Dave helped Lincoln with his pumpkin and Payton worked solo on hers.  With Dave's help, Lincoln's pumpkin looked like it had a face.  Payton's pumpkin looked more like abstract art.  I think someone handed her a handful of sticker to choose from and she used all of them.  Ha! Ha!  Like I said, they love stickers.

Dinner was good.  My soup ended up turning out pretty good even with the distraction.  :o)  Oh and they had homemade root beer.  Super yummy!

Couldn't leave a picture of my sister out.  She always has the best costumes.
Trunk or Treating.  Payton appears to be a pro at trick or treating now.  Lincoln is still learning but his picked it up fast.  He actually said "trick or treat" and then said "thank you" after he was given candy.  All by himself!   So cute!

Fun times!

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