Thursday, October 6, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Play Date

My friend Sara has offered to help me learn how to digital scrapbook.  I went over to her house one time before and learned a few pointers for working in photoshop.  Last week she asked if I wanted to come over and actually try to scrapbook a page.  I eagerly agreed. 

Today was the day, I went over and we ended up having a GREAT visit.  Ha! Ha!  Not a bit of scrapbooking was done.  This is so me.  :o)

So as I was picking up Payton, my friend, Jessie told me that she and Tess were getting together for a little sewing time and invited me to come along.  I told her that I actually had some digital scrapbooking that I wanted to do and that I would happy to join them and work on that.  She said, "Great!  come on over."

I went over and we did have GREAT conversation but I also managed to design two Scrapbook pages.  It only took me like four hours but hey, I am still learning.  I decided to start on the kids' baby books.  I am going to make the pages and add the picture later.  I am also going to make them so I can use them for future babies.  Anyway, Yay me!

While getting the kiddos ready for bed, we had a little mishap. Payton went to give Lincoln a hug goodnight and ended up falling/pushing him into the bookshelf in his room. Ouch! He has two nice cuts inside his mouth, a little scratch on his chin where he hit the shelf, and what looks like a fat lip. :o(
Not sure if you can see in this picture. He was a moving target.

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