Saturday, October 22, 2011

Souper Saturday

Today was a crazy day.  I went from one thing to the next with no rest in between.  Don't get me wrong everything I did was fun, I was just exhausted by the end of the day.

First up, Souper Saturday.  So fun!  My friend Jessica came up and went with me.  I have really missed hanging out with her.  The big project that we worked on was a grapevine wreath with felt flowers.  I am totally a copycat crafter.  I copied the demo wreath in color and kept looking at the flowers Jessica was making for inspiration on my own.  I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to like it but in the end and with a little help in felt flower arrangement from Jessica I love how it turned out.  :o)

As soon as Souper Saturday was over I shuttled Payton over to a birthday party and went to Hancock Fabric with Jessica.  I have got to get to work on Lincoln's Halloween costume...Just not around Jessica.  Ha! Ha!  Fake or not she has serious arachnophobia.  :o)

Got home with enough time to fix Payton's Rapunzel dress before I went to pick her up from the birthday party so that she could wear it to Disney on Ice.

Went to Dinner with everyone going to Disney on Ice.

Fixed Payton's Cinderella dress for Caeden as we were driving from the restaurant to the HP Pavilion.

And for the finale of the day Disney on Ice Treasure Trove.  Everyone loved it.  Payton was glued from the moment we walked through the door and sat down.  Lincoln was even mesmerized for parts of it. 

Dave and I had a little surprise for Payton too.  Initially she had wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween and then changed her mind to wanting to be a witch.  While she still wanted to be Rapunzel we got her a Rapunzel wig to go with her dress.  We let her wear it to Disney on Ice.  It goes down to her calves.  She was giddy with excitement.  So cute!

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Jess said...

That was a crazy day for you! I was telling Rory all about it that night. I miss hanging out with you too, I had so much fun with you, making our wreaths especially. Now we just need to finish our ornaments!