Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muffins and Spiders

After yesterday we decided it was a good idea to stay home and lay low today.  Payton was so much better today.  Thank goodness.  I wish I could say the same for myself.  :o)  The sinus pressure is killing me.  I think Dave is getting it too.  :o(

I decided I wanted to try a recipe I found for pumpkin muffins.  I either got it from Jillian's website or, so they have to be healthy.  Right?  Ha!  Ha!  They were super yummy and both
Payton and Lincoln ate them.  Yay!

Click for recipe.

Payton said a couple of really funny things today.  The first thing was when she was saying the prayer at lunch.  She said, "Please bless all the snot to come out of mommy's head."  Cracked me up.  Then later she walked over to me and I bent over to talk with her at face level and she said, "Mommy, your tummy is really...full."  Is this her way of telling me that I am getting fat?  Ha! Ha! Sheesh, tough crowd.

I finished Lincoln's spider costume while they were down for a nap.  He really wanted to be a spider for Halloween but neither Dave or I could find a costume that we didn't think looked stupid.  So while we were out shopping the other day we found a larger spider decoration and decided we could just some how attach it to his back.  Ha! Ha!  I have to laugh because every time I see this spider I think of how my friend Jessica reacted to it.  Then I think, "Wait, did that thing just move?"  or "Hey, how did you get from the family room into the kitchen?  I don't remember seeing anyone carry you?"  Anyway, I sewed some straps onto the body of the spider so Lincoln could wear it like a backpack.  So far he seems to really like it.  We will have to see tomorrow if he still feels the same way at the Halloween Play Date.

I left the red eye to make him look more scary.  :o)

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Jess said...

ugh. I barely made it through that post, Kim! (ie, scrolled past those pics reeally quick! lol) As long as he's happy and stays far away from me in his costume!