Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spiders and Monster Shooters

We had another Kid's Craft Day.  Today's crafts were Pipe Cleaner Spiders and Monster Ball Shooters.  These were great little crafts for all the kids.  Even Lincoln sat down and made a couple monsters.  It was so fun.

When Dave got home we desicovered that someone had taken a river rock from our front yard and threw it at the front windshield of the Yukon.  When he walked in and told me, I was shocked.  It is pretty scary that I never heard a thing. 

Why would someone do that?  Was it random vandalism?  Was it the same people that squirted mustard onto the outside of our car and then through the cracked window onto the seat?  Did I upset someone with my driving and this is sort of road rage? 

I am thinking everything needs to come out of our garage and the cars need to go in.


Jessie said...

Man, that sucks, Kimberly. I'm so sorry! And seriously, that's so scary, too. I would definitely be trying to figure out a way to get everything out of the garage so the cars could be inside if I was you. That's a big part of why we both park in the garage, despite the crappiness of having to climb out on the passenger side of the van--there were way too many vandalisms and thefts in our neighborhood, too. Ugh. Why can't people just be sane and nice?

Britney said...

So crappy!!! Wow, that really sucks.