Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Party

We have a very busy weekend planned and all of us are at different stages of a nasty cold.  Guh!  So I decided that we needed to forgo our Gilroy play date and rest up for the weekend. 

Tonight was Johnny and Anna's 7th Annual Pumpkin Party.  They always have a big pumpkin carving contest with awesome prizes for the winners.  One of the prizes this year was a Mac Book Pro.  WOW!  Anyway, I thought I would get a head start and gut our pumpkins before the party.  I figured this would give us more time to work on the pumpkins and keep the kids interested for longer.

Payton was not a fan of the pumpkin guts, she cried when she stuck her hand inside...Lincoln on the other hand was brave but not very productive at getting the guts out of the pumpkin only moving them around on the inside.  Ha!  Ha!  It was still fun to watch.

After naps I had a little craft planned for them.  I have wanted to do this little craft since I saw it on Pintrest a couple of weeks ago but just hadn't found the right time.  So I seized the opportunity today. 

Dave got home around 6 and we headed over for the Pumpkin Party.  Yummy food.  Yummy desserts.  We were given the rules for the Pumpkin Carving contest and went to work.  Payton, Lincoln, and I worked on a pumpkin and Dave worked on another.  Payton decided that we should carve a witch.  I think we did a good job.  We found a stencil and decided it was too hard to cut out all the parts of the stencil so just drew it on the pumpkin.  I thought we did a really good job and then when we were done we started looking around at other people's pumpkins.  People do not mess around at this event.  There were so many awesome pumpkins, including my sister's.  She did her freehand and didn't even have a picture to copy.  Just came up with it in her own head.  I was wondering where my creativity went, I guess my sister got both of our shares.  Ha! Ha!

Payton with our witch.

My sister's "Scary Face" Pumpkin.  I think it is pretty awesome.

The party peeps.

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