Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brownie/Cookie Goodness

Found these little delights on Pinterest this morning.  I thought, "Hey, the kids might like making AND eating these today."  I told Lincoln that I found a recipe that you make a brownie with chocolate chip cookie inside it.  Immediately he said, "Oh, I like those cookies mommy.  They are very yummy."  Haha!  Then I asked if he would want to make them with Payton when she got home from school.  Did I really even need to ask?  :o)  Payton was on board as soon as I said brownie and cookie together.

I pre-measured all the ingredients so it would be easy for the kids to help add all the ingredients.  Made the cookies and put the dough in the fridge while we made the brownie batter.  Put a scoop of brownie batter in each muffin cup and then a scoop of cookie dough.  While I was scooping the brownie batter Lincoln kept asking if he could have a taste and would follow the spoon with his finger.  A couple times I caught him dipping his finger in one of the muffin cups.  He thought he was being all sneaky, but it is hard to be sneaky and have chocolate smeared on your face.  Haha!

They looked really good until I tried taking the out of the muffin tins...The bottoms kept falling apart.  Fortunately, on some of them I was able to just mush the bottom back together.
At least the kids didn't care what they looked like.  :o)

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