Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a day!

Who new rainy days could be so fun?  My idea of fun on a rainy day is to sit on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate reading a book or watching a movie, the last thing I want to do is run outside and play.  Payton and Lincoln saw it was raining, grabbed their rain boots and umbrellas, and headed outside to run around and jump in puddles.  They had so much fun it made me rethink my idea of fun and think about getting my own pair of rain boots.  :o)

While the kids were out playing in the rain I was busy cleaning up the house and trying to get ready for our trip to Truckee for Thanksgiving.  While I was cleaning up the cat's area I bent over to put something down and threw my back out.  I almost fell on the floor.  Ouch!  I have been in pain all day, no matter what I do it hurts.  Since it hurts to sit and lay down and it hurts to stand up I figured I would just suck it up and keep working on my to do list. 

I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and dining room area when lunch time rolled around.  So I fixed the kids lunch and kept on cleaning.  When they finished lunch I asked them to carry their dishes to the sink and said they could go back to playing.  That is until I walked backed into the kitchen and saw the mess they left on the floor under where they were eating.  I said, "Oh no, I just cleaned this area.  You don't get to mess it all up again.  Go get a broom and dust pan and clean up your mess."  They happily, even excitedly, ran back to Payton's room and returned with their toy brooms and dust pan and cleaned up the mess.  Shock...

I really need to give them more opportunities to help out.  :o)

Payton is supervising.  LOL
Since we are going to be in Truckee for Thanksgiving I thought I would get a jump start on decorating for Christmas.  Yes, my back is still killing me... But we got the kid's Christmas bedding out.  So worth it.  They were so excited.  Running into their rooms, jumping onto their beds, giggling, and saying, "Thank you mom!" It made me smile.

My grandma asked if I made the quilts.  Haha!  I wish.  Love you Grandma!

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