Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mini Carmel Apple Pies

Recently, I have developed a little complex with regards to my cooking abilities.

Dave has not been eating dinner at home because he has been working late and the kiddos refuse to eat anything I prepare for dinner unless it is Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  :-)  All I hear when I cook something is how disgusting it is.  You can imagine how my motivation to cook has gone down the toilet.

As a result of my complex I am not comfortable making meals for people or making refreshments for activities.  However, I did step out of my comfort zone and volunteered to bring a dessert to our ward's Priesthood Preview.  Instead of bringing cookies I decided to try making my sister's Mini Carmel Apple Pies. 

I took a little taste test before the meeting and felt they tasted pretty good.  Fortunately, I was not the only one that thought so because they were gone within the first couple of minutes.

Yay me!  I love positive feedback.  ;o)

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