Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Park Day

Today was play group at Cahalan Park.  Payton and Lincoln love this park because there are a bunch of trees with low branches that they can climb in and run under.  Today Payton informed me her and her friends played Star Wars and them Minnie's Play House, I love their imaginations.

In the last 5 minutes at the park Lincoln decided to throw tanbark at one of his friends because he got upset.  I called him over and had him sit in timeout.  He got upset and started yelling, "Mommy, I don't like you!"  What do you say to that?  I told him that we don't say mean things and that it isn't nice but he said it a few more times so I just ignored him.  I asked a friend of mine where they learn things like and what you do about it.  She chuckled a little and then said she didn't know.  Then she followed it with a compliment saying that I am always so calm with my kids and that when she gets upset with her kids she tells herself to stay calm like Kimberly does.  Haha!  Boy I have the wool pulled over her eyes.  What's more is that I always she her as an example because she is always so calm with her kids.  Anyway, felt good to hear.

Payton came home with a handout from school saying that November is National Picture Book Month and that they were aiming to read 6,000 picture books in the month of November.  If each child reads at least 20 picture books they will exceed their goal.  Last night we started reading.  Payton and Lincoln each get to pick one book and we sit down and read them.  Even Austin joins in on the fun.  Haha!

It has been fun.  I love snuggling up with all of them.

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