Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pampered Chef Party

Today I was able to go out for a few hours with only one child.  How easy that seems in comparison to going out with three.  Haha!

My friend Aimee had a Pampered Chef Party this afternoon.  I love Pampered Chef!  My favorite item is the food processor.  It works awesome for chopping up the fruit I put on my Fro Yo.  :-)

I love going to the parties so that I can try making and taste yummy new recipes. Today we made a yummy quiche like appetizer and candy bar cookies.  Both were delicious.

While I was at the party, Dave decided to take Payton and Lincoln to Gilroy Gardens.  I have been told they had a great time.  They met my mom and my sister's kiddos there.  Fun times!

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