Wednesday, November 7, 2012

McDonald's Milkshakes

Today we spent the afternoon at the park with some friends.  We are trying to soak up all the nice weather before it decides to turn cold for good.

The kids had a great time at the park.  When we got to the park Payton and Lincoln's friends Sadie and Lathan were there with there cousins.  I noticed Payton off playing by herself and thought that was a little odd, usually she is right in the middle of things or trying to get everyone to do what she wants to do.  Haha!  Anyway, when she walked past me I asked her if she knew that the kids playing with Sadie and Lathan were their cousins just like Caeden and Maddix were her cousins.  She then said, "I don't know their names."  Then I said, "Oh, well you know how to introduce yourself and ask other people their names.  You do that at school all the time." To which she said, "But I only know how to do that at school."  Oh geez.  Before long she was over playing with them, I guess she just needed some time.

Lincoln made friends with a random little boy and his daddy.  They were chasing each other all over the park.  At one point I looked up to see Lincoln and this little boy chasing the dad and then Lincoln catching up to him and punching him in the bum.  Oops!  At least they were all having a good time.

At some point during our stay at the park Payton heard another mom bribing her daughter with a milkshake to go home.  Payton didn't realize the little girl thinks milkshakes are pediasure drinks.  Haha!  Anyway, she came running over to me asking if we could get milkshakes on our way home.  I don't know why, but usually my first reaction to most things is to say, "No."  Boo!  I don't sound like much fun, do I?  Anyway, today I thought, "Why not?" and said, "Sure."  I had two very happy kiddos.

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