Friday, November 23, 2012

Donner Museum

Let me tell you, this vacation has been one for sick kiddos.  We woke up this morning to Payton throwing up.  She looked miserable.

The plan this morning was for all of us to go to the Donner Museum but with Payton being sick we couldn’t all go.  So Dave volunteered to stay behind with her and I took everyone else to the museum.  I remember the first time I went that I was afraid it would be boring but it turned out to be really interesting.  I think my sister and Anthony had the same thoughts about going but Anthony told me after that he thought it was pretty cool.

There is a movie that you can watch that tells about the Donner Party’s journey, a small museum with artifacts found in the area, a cool monument that shows how deep the snow was that winter, and a self guided tour of the area around the museum including where one of the cabins stood.

The kids weren’t too interested in the movie, in fact Caeden thought it was scary and decided she would rather sit in the lobby than watch it.  They were a little more interested in the museum because of the “really big bear” and all the guns.  Haha!  But the hit of the visit was the self guided tour; we made it into a scavenger hunt for the kids and had them find all the number markers.

I am so glad we went.

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