Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today started off just like any other day.  Got the kids up and dressed.  Payton even read a couple of books to me.  But as I was finishing up getting ready Payton came in and said that her tummy hurt.  When she turned to look at me her face was white and she had really dark circle under her eyes.  I thought, "Uh Oh, she's gonna barf."  It wasn't long before she did and then she did all day long.  She couldn't even hold down water, poor baby.

We set up a little "bed for her in the family room so that she could watch some TV when she wasn't sleeping.  When Lincoln saw her bed he HAD to have one too.  Haha!  Fine.

Austin was very interested in her barf bucket.  He was very entertaining.  Fortunately it was clean, otherwise that would have been disgusting.

It was so sad, she kept saying she was scared and asking why she was throwing up.  I hope she feels better tomorrow.

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