Friday, July 12, 2013

Outdoor movie night at the Wunderli's

Today has been a crazy busy day.  Lots and lots of errands.  But on a good note we found Lincoln a pair of shoes that he is super excited about.  Take a look at his new Spiderman kicks.  They also came with black lace covers.  He is over the moon excited about these.

My friend Ela and I have been planning an outdoor movie night with our friends from church.  It turned out being a much smaller group than anticipated but a fun group none the less. 

We started the evening off with a dinner potluck, then smores around the fire pit, a small movie trivia game, and lastly the movie and popcorn.  The movie selected was Mary Poppins.

The kids had a blast running around playing before the movie started.  I think all of the kids ended up having a variety of chips for dinner.  Haha!

Austin was one busy boy.  He was all over the place stealing chips, popcorn whatever he could find that was left within his reach.

I brought our camera to take pictures of the evenings festivities only to find out that I left the memory card at home.  Boo!  I took what I could on my phone and thankfully got the rest of the pictures from Ela.

Such a fun night!

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