Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twisty Ties

My mom came to visit for a little while today and Payton and Lincoln had to show her their skills with the bow and arrow.  Mom couldn't help herself and had to try out their way cool bows.  Haha!  I wish I had taken a video of mom and I trying to shoot.  Both Payton and Lincoln did great, while mom and I had several tries where the arrow didn't even leave the guide on the bow.  Yup, pulled back the string and let her go and the arrow didn't move.  It is really embarrassing when a 3 and 5 year old show you up.

Look at this guy!  He is pulling himself all over the place.  Things now need to be placed just a little higher.

Payton and Lincoln were very into playing with their costumes today.  This was their second costume change.  I especially like the fairy wings on Lincoln.  Haha!  That was Payton's touch, she originally brought the wings out for me to wear but I was afraid I was going to break the straps.  And she really wanted someone to wear them.

Sometimes it is amazing what will entertain the kids.  Today it was a bunch of twisty ties they found.  They spent at least 30 minutes folding each twisty tie into a "bead" and when asked what they were going to do with them they said they were going to make bracelets.  Very creative!

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