Monday, July 1, 2013

Highlights from San Clemente - Day 2

Payton and Grace going through the hand me downs that we brought to give to Grace.  Payton was so cute and layed all the clothes out to show Grace all the different outfits she could make.
One of the items that Grace was really excited about were the tap shoes.  She ran and put on her tutu and danced around the condo.  She is so adorable.

In the afternoon we spent some time around in the pool.  Lincoln has become so very brave and decided he LOVES to jump in.  I love that he is becoming so comfortable in the water but his confidence scares me at the same time.
This evening we walked up to the yogurt shop.  While not the same as Sweet Retreat or my beloved Treat Ice Cream Co. Frozen Yogurt it is still pretty yummy.  The kids love running up and down the row of ice cream machines and choosing their own flavors.  I love watching them dig in.

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